Community management and administration

We are your contact in the community of owners.
You can count on us to resolve any doubt or consultation regarding your community.

Convening meetings

We’ll take charge of convening your community’s ordinary and extraordinary meetings.
We’ll set the agenda, keep track of attendance and, afterwards, write up the minutes with all points addressed.

Bank orders

We are the best intermediary between property owners and their banks.
We’ll keep your community and neighbours’ payments up to date, periodically remitting all receipts.

Administrative transactions with third parties

Let us handle any transactions between the community and third parties, including repairs, maintenance orders and other procedures.

Vanesa Bendicho Martínez

Superior Degree in Administration and Accounting

  • 973 28 28 18

Montse Gabarrella Sorribas

Tax and Accounting Technician

  • 973 45 05 55

Giorgiana Flavia Oltean

Administrative Technician

  • 973 45 05 55